There once was a time when people didn't feel the need to lock their homes. Theft, home invasions and robberies have been on the rise in recent years, and as a result many people have become concerned on how to keep their homes and families safer.

Maybe you just moved into a new home. Have you ever thought about how many other people may have a key to your current locks? There could be numerous keys in the hands of previous owners or their friends and family members, neighbors, previous tenants, contractors, etc. These keys can be used to gain entry into your home without you even knowing it. If you have any doubt if there are any keys you are not aware of, you should consider either re-keying the existing locks if they are in good working order or replacing worn locks completely.

Bump Keys/Lock Bumping

With the recent media coverage of "Bump Keys", many families are now becoming more concerned on how this can affect them. The terms bump key or lock bumping refers to a methods and tools that for many years, Locksmith Professionals have utilized to bypass pin and tumbler locks for legal purposes. Lock bumping, also referred to as key bumping is an attack technique using specially cut keys that can defeat conventional pin and tumbler locks.

According to statistics provided by the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) and the Department of Justice, nearly 2/3 of all break-ins occur with no sign of forced entry. Whether or not you have heard these terms, thieves have and it's something every homeowner and business owner needs to be aware of.