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Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial Locksmith Services

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the different types of locksmith services out there. Similarly, you might want the solution to your lock issue as soon as possible. You’ll be thinking, “Wouldn’t every situation call for an emergency locksmith?” Perhaps you’ve already scanned the building, applying the services offered by a locksmith to your situation, and said to yourself, “I need all of them,” or, “I don’t need all of this, just the locks.” The truth of the matter is your situation is unique. Your employer’s pressure might also be on each time you batten down the hatches. What specifically are commercial locksmith services, and does it suit your setting? In this discussion, we’ll list some services generally offered by commercial locksmiths for your unique predicament. Before we do so, we’ll outline what sets commercial locksmith services apart from their emergency and residential counterparts so you can find a security provider that will reasonably protect your property as best as possible. :

What Makes Commercial Locksmith Services Different?

Would you call an emergency locksmith for a lock solution that doesn’t require an immediate fix? Probably not. For something so significant and vulnerable as an office or other places of work, it only makes sense that there would be security services devoted to properties just like them, and the time it takes to secure a building fully cannot be afforded by an emergency locksmith. You may hire a residential locksmith, but they may not have the provisions or licensure to secure your place of business fully. Commercial locksmiths are fully equipped to protect your employees and property from robbers. Depending on which one you find, you may even find a commercial locksmith with 24/7 availability who can apply their technique to your living place.

To be clear, this doesn’t make emergency and residential locksmiths any less capable than their commercial counterparts. They may offer some helpful, state-of-the-art solutions of their own. However, commercial locksmith services will reliably have these offerings at their disposal to their highest grade, all while providing continuous services through a well-cultivated relationship. The primary limitations are the time between the next break-in, the day your locks don’t work, your firm’s security budget, and the time to plan out your accommodations.

Services Offered by Commercial Locksmiths

Now that we have gone over what sets commercial locksmiths apart let’s examine some of the services offered by commercial locksmiths. It should be of note that not all commercial locksmith service providers are created equal. Some may perform solutions that others cannot but don’t count those that don’t out. Ask them about things like alarm systems and CCTV cameras. Amenities you can always count on our traditional and electronic lock installation and repair, key making, and lockouts.

  • Installing and Replacing Locks – The primary service offered by locksmiths everywhere, commercial locksmiths are no exception. Locks for doors can range from deadbolt locks to doorknob locks, and cylinder locks. New, industrial-grade locks can be installed on all commercial properties that depend on locks, including but not limited to doors, windows, filing cabinets, safes, and vehicles. Read on to discover commercial locksmith services for the latter two.
  • Electronic Lock Systems – This modern solution replaces physical keys and deadbolts with keycards, keyless entry systems, and smart locks through your phone. Likewise, with rekeying locks, digital lock systems can be programmed with the same type of lock encryption found across the property or with different ones. Digital locks are powered by a battery rather than the power grid, so criminals’ attempts to break in by cutting the power to the building will be rendered useless. These locks can also be controlled via a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. If you’re more cautious about electronic locks, don’t fret. They can be installed alongside traditional locks or other digital locks in case one forgets any key to the building or if one of the locks doesn’t work. If you wish to spare the heartbreak of limiting keys to a select few, a nifty solution is biometric-activated locks. Biometric locks can be programmed with facial or fingerprint recognition, limiting lock access to you and your employees.
  • Key Making and Rekeying – The next essential for commercial locksmiths is making keys for your new and existing locks. This is a cost-friendly, easy solution that can preserve any working locks you wish to keep. Keys are made using a key blade or new techniques like lasers to make precise copies out of key blanks. Rekeying is the application of new lock pins and removing the old ones. Similar to lock installation, locksmiths can change the pin arrangements of locks found throughout the property to any combination you desire, whether you want the same combination throughout or all of them to be different. Locksmiths can also create a master key specially made to access these locks regardless of their differences. Commercial locksmiths can also clean locks from intrusive elements like rust or key debris.
  • Antique-Locks and Keys – This is a more specific solution for historic properties, but some commercial locksmiths have the hardware and skill to repair and augment older locks and cut new skeleton keys. This is more for the novelty than it is for top-of-the-line security–don’t be surprised if your boss doesn’t want antique locks for your administrative building, but it is a great demonstration of the knowledge imbued on commercial locksmiths.
  • Lockouts – Locked your keys in your safe? Forgot your keys back home? You may resort to an emergency locksmith if the situation is dire. Still, if there’s no hurry, a commercial locksmith will easily fix your lockout, complete with a heavy industrial touch.
  • Door Alarms – This is unique from the locks that locksmiths are familiar with. Still, when a locksmith’s job is to maximize security and keep all occupants safe, alarm systems are necessary, especially considering most locksmith services are devoted to doors. You and your employees will want to know when someone has bypassed your security or busted your locks so you can repel lawbreakers and make sure your locks can be fixed or replaced. Alarms aren’t limited to burglars, either. These can be useful for other emergencies like fires or armed assailants.
  • Crash Bars and Door Closers – In professional settings like schools and offices, crash bars are essentially huge, rectangular switches installed across the width of a door. Crash bars are another emergency device that is useful in the heat of an armed assailant or a fire. You may also have found out by accident (oops!) that these otherwise lofty devices can be connected to the alarm system on the door in question. In contrast to the power offered by crash bars, locksmiths can also install hydraulic door closers that will swing your doors to a closed position if left open. If you want these devices, remember you and your employees keep a key on your person in case these closers work against your favor.
  • Safe Locks – Maybe you want a combination lock instead of a key on the company safe. Perhaps a keypad instead of a normal dial lock is more reasonable than a dial. Whatever the case, commercial locksmiths can swap the lock with one of your choosing. Locksmiths can help you decide whether buying a new safe or replacing the lock is more cost-effective.
  • Video Surveillance – This amenity isn’t widely available from commercial locksmiths, being that these aren’t locks, to begin with. Still, some offer surveillance and CCTV systems to give your company a watchful eye over points of access and hard-to-see areas. Security footage is possibly one of the best things you can do, compiling direct proof if anything on the property has been tampered with. The cameras almost serve as security guards when security guards aren’t present. You can purchase a set of cameras in case a miscreant manages to destroy one. More importantly, you can provide proof of any damage done to police, lawmakers, or your firm’s insurance company. This is also a great way to find out which techniques criminals will resort to if they attack. It can be helpful for something as simple as preventing retail shrink from looters or as high priority as guarding trade secrets. Keeping an eye on delays in running footage can help you identify any criminals within your business as well.
  • Commercial Vehicles – Is your firm located in the bad part of town? Is the company van parked in a conspicuous area? Your vehicles are no exception to the magic touch of commercial locksmith services. You no longer have to rely on the car dealer to replace your fob or keys. Similar applications available to your door or safe can be said for your company vehicles, whether you were locked out, desire a keyless ignition, or laser-cut keys explicitly designed for your vehicle’s VIN. These locksmiths are also able to reprogram your key fob.
  • Long-term Services – This subcategory is offered through a continued relationship with your company’s locksmith. These professionals could become your primary security consultants through a well-cultivated relationship. Your locksmith can consistently offer cutting-edge security advice and updates, and they can give you some handy referrals for solid security providers on anything they couldn’t install. Depending on the locks or type of business you operate, your firm could also be eligible for a warranty on the security systems they helped to install. This can particularly be a cost-saving measure for any repairs or lockouts you encounter in the future.


A commercial locksmith can offer solutions ranging from high-tech locks to door modifications and security cameras. So, now you can confidently see what sets commercial locksmith services apart from those provided by emergency or residential locksmiths. Conduct your due diligence in selecting a commercial locksmith and see if they offer the most robust, accessible solution for you and your company’s employees and property. Research the types of services they provide before worrying about price. Don’t simply go with the first locksmith you can find. Find one you know you can rely on and will have a prosperous relationship. Your firm will be glad you did.

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