What Is a Commercial Locksmith

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What Is a Commercial Locksmith?

What Is a Commercial Locksmith

What Is a Commercial Locksmith?

Whether you work as an HR representative for a corporate office or a cashier for a franchise branch of said office, you know that only a select few individuals have access to the safe in the building—usually higher-level employees, managers, and such. However, the saying goes: Everyone makes mistakes. Your boss isn’t immune to these either. They walk to the safe, perhaps to store money or vital documents, before returning to their job. The next second they check for their keychain. What happened? The keys were accidentally locked in the safe! Making matters worse, that was the only key to the safe, an effort to maximize security, no doubt, but a double-edged sword when misplaced. Time to call a locksmith! But which one should you call? Is this a simple issue, or will this require more significant assistance? :

Consider another point of view. It would be best if you were safe. Employees need to be safe. Your team and equipment need to avoid harm from looters, armed assailants, and other lawbreakers. Rising crime rates say the risk of cheap locks that won’t last is not worth the reward. You might’ve heard of who to call in an emergency; Lockpickers, lock breakers, and lock makers. All of these are specific terms and professions related to dealing with locks. Where does a locksmith fit in any of these terms? What about a commercial locksmith?

You may have heard everything about locksmiths busting the locks to homes. It doesn’t take much to know that it gets a little more complicated with places of business. Security is just like any other trade on a commercial scale; the products and services are more robust. Here, we will outline what commercial locksmith is and what makes them significant compared to other locksmiths.

Commercial Locksmiths, Explained

Before speaking about commercial locksmiths, let’s discuss the term “locksmith” in general. In today’s terms, locksmiths are lockpickers, breakers, and makers all wrapped in one. These are trained professionals with all the tools and knowledge to remove, replace, repair, manipulate, or install a new lock. The term comes from an older definition, back when locksmiths employed blacksmith techniques to forge and construct their own locking devices. Today, by comparison, locksmiths put together locks created from manufacturers’ parts and order and install pre-built locks on the property.

Commercial locksmiths are locksmiths specialized in protecting professional property, like businesses and administrative buildings. These areas are subject to a higher level of security than homes due mainly to the size of the property, the equipment found within, and the funding made possible by your company’s income. Chances are, your big, vulnerable office isn’t open twenty-four hours a day, and no one will be in the building during later hours. That’s where commercial locksmiths step in. Earlier on, commercial locksmiths made the best traditional security solutions through physical locks and keys. Considering how far locks have come technologically, commercial locksmiths must remain on the cutting edge of advancements to provide the best security and protect the people and materials found within sufficiently. Locksmiths have advanced beyond the simpler bolt-and-key and are now providers of high-strength security solutions that will protect the entire property. This also preserves ongoing business operations to ensure they aren’t thrown off course or forced to stop entirely, thanks to criminal tampering.

Like home locksmiths, commercial locksmiths can identify a security issue that is lacking, needs fixing, and a solution that best suits your place of employment. They can also put together solutions that work specifically for you. Is it a master key you require? Maybe you work at a bank and wish to utilize facial recognition software. You’ll find that residential locksmiths do not have the technological aspects offered by commercial locksmiths, resulting from the infrastructural importance of keeping a place of business safe. Think of the jobs and industries that might be in harm’s way thanks to a criminal invasion of an office. Due to the industrial gravity of a commercial locksmith’s job, the expectation is that they have the correct licenses to highlight their credibility of them to conduct their work. These licenses are more necessary compared to those recommended for a home locksmith.

Do your needs suit a commercial locksmith or an emergency locksmith? An emergency locksmith works best for an immediate response, a quick fix, or rapid installation of a lock that has been damaged or bypassed. The grand-scale, complex solutions offered by a commercial locksmith will take more time, planning, and money, all with the singular goal of maximum protection for a reasonable cost.

Commercial Locksmith Services

As property offenders have evolved, so have the security measures repelling them. Commercial locksmiths have expanded beyond making and repairing physical locks into developing and programming digital security systems. Digital locks are offered in various formats, including keycards, keyless entry via a cellular device, or facial recognition, further setting them apart from residential locksmiths. Commercial locksmiths aren’t limited to doors, either. They can conduct their handiwork virtually anywhere there is a lock, like windows and vehicles. Locksmiths also specialize in key-making services designed to fit existing locks. You can either have a traditional key cut to replicate the original, o a new key for a new lock. This service extends to its digital counterparts through new keycards and updated encryption codes. Commercial locksmiths will also provide services beyond installation, including repairs, reprogramming, and advice for other security solutions beyond locks. You can receive handy referrals from other safety providers such as surveillance system installation, security personnel, and window and door companies.

Why Might I Need a Commercial Locksmith?

Maybe you forgot the key to your building. Perhaps an employee failed to lock the office down. Heaven forbid someone broke in, ransacking your place of employment. Computers, laptops, tools, broken safes, trade secrets, paychecks. All are at risk if security is compromised or mishandled. Maybe an employee or employees went rogue and cost your company billions in damages with vital information. What might happen in case a trespasser enters? What materials or lives could be at stake? Then, you’ll have to hunt down all parties responsible; the offenders, the faulty individuals that didn’t follow closing procedures. These are just a few things at stake when security isn’t prioritized, and if you’re in charge of the lockdown detail, the responsibility falls back on you.

Security solutions provided by a commercial locksmith aren’t merely an upgrade; it’s a necessity. Your employees and your property are entitled to top-quality safety. They are representatives of the firm with lives of their own, and they shouldn’t receive misfortune because security measures weren’t up to snuff. Additionally, employees, particularly those in charge of property security, should be equipped with the knowledge and tools to uphold the company’s integrity and reputation and keep their jobs safe. Make sure that they receive the right keys, including physical keys, keycards, codes, fingerprints, or facial recognition updates. The cost of outdated, exploitable safeguards and the stealing of property often outweighs the investment in a modern system of locks, keys, and alarm systems.

Modern and digital locks provided by commercial locksmiths have a reputation for their longevity and durability, but similar to the traditional locks that came before them, they will experience wear and tear over time. They can still end up jammed, hacked, broken, or run out of battery. Commercial locksmiths can quickly discover and address the issue. Your business may also be subject to cost-saving repair, replacement, or upgrades if equipped with a warranty or special deals on newer locks. Maintaining a consistent relationship with your locksmith can ensure the safety of your office for years to come. Receiving information as simple as advice from a dedicated commercial locksmith can serve as a long-term security investment.

Are keys an area of confusion? An easy fix. A commercial locksmith can help dispose of outdated keys and construct a new set for you and a few approved individuals. They may also consolidate your sets into a singular master key designed to fit all the locks on the property. Master key consolidation can also be done for digital locks. Commercial locksmiths equipped with the knowledge and talent can reprogram keycards, keypads, and mobile locks if any coding has been hacked or forgotten. Facial and fingerprint recognition can also be updated for a more accurate reading. You might also be entitled to a warranty or other long-term services if these keys are lost or compromised.

Additionally, resorting to a commercial locksmith instead of a traditional locksmith can be a cost-effective way of maintaining security for a professional property. You may be thinking, “What’s the point of upgrading my locks if there is still a possibility that criminals can break in?” Recall the evolution of criminals and locksmiths earlier in the discussion. The fact of the matter is modern locks are very rarely broken compared to their older counterparts. Traditional locksmiths will provide you with solutions, but chances are they will not be suitable for the long term. Warranties and low prices are enticing features, but replacing an easily exploitable lock multiple times is ineffective. When the warranty runs out, the expenses can add up. Most importantly, the safety of your items is no less at risk with older lock techniques, and neither are you or your fellow employees. Commercial locksmiths can offer a reasonable price for warranties, continued services, and modern security.


So, the next time your boss accidentally locks the key to the safe in the safe itself, or if you find that your area of work has been ransacked, or if your security detail needs a big revamp, make sure you have a commercial locksmith on the case. Commercial locksmith solutions are state-of-the-art, easy to manage, and a great long-term solution that will give you the peace of mind you deserve. They will provide you with industrial expertise, security knowledge, and advice on which types of solutions will suit your place of business best. When evaluating your options versus a residential locksmith, take a moment and ask yourself: How much are your company, your belongings, and your employees’ lives worth?

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